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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mouth Adventures now on Youtube

I have created a Channel on Youtube to help people eat well on low budget.
Often cheap food can mean boring bland tastes.
Just eating something because you have no choice.
Don't worry i am here to the rescue.
Subscribe to my Mouth Adventures on Youtube. and get updated as new recipes arise.
Using every day easy to get and ingredients.
You can even put me to the challenge.
Tell me what food you have! and i will try make it into something spectacular.
Cooking the way i am doing is because of today's costs.
Dont get me wrong! i can cook from scratch! with raw materials.
Its just simply to expensive!
And i am here because i care!

Curried baked bean lasagna

Friday, 29 February 2008

Eating Black Eggs!

Few years ago i visited a good friend in China.
I did also expect to try new things!
Here i get to try Black Duck eggs!
Some people call them 100 year old eggs!
To start with! They are not cooked!
They have been wrapped in Mud & herbs for a very long time.
Its this that gives the eggs a black look.
At the side of my plate is a Glass of Chinese Whiskey.
I respect other peoples tastes and try to understand why they like them.
So even if i don't like what I'm eating!
I will eat more to try and help myself understand the taste they like.
My description of the taste here is:
Mil due rotting books in a damp cellar.
And yes it tastes very old!
Maybe its the oldness that is the acquired taste.
I had the whiskey to wash my mouth with after!
Just in case my body don't take to it.
The whiskey was nice! it had a slight creamy aftertaste with a taste that was also carried in the drinking water.
It was a taste element that followed the Sake and Firewater and the wines.
This alone took me time to get used to.
When i was in the supermarket with my friend nie.
I picked up a large plastic bottle and said" I would like this to take back"
Nie said" NO! its not normal water!! Its Fire water.
I was amazed that us English people can make a mistake like that.
It was like 78% Alc water.
I did get to try it later that day when i was invited to meet Nie's Friends.
I Gambay with them all (That's like Bottoms up) with shots of drinks!
But in this case it was Fire Water.
Lucky i had some Jasmin Tea in a Large glass jug to keep filling my Mug.
so it was Gambay,Tea,Gambay,Tea etc. .
If i didn't have the tea on hand i would have gotten totally Hammered.
It was Gambay with all of the nie's friend's one by one.
I had to keep my head on!
It was fun anyway.


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Whiskey is not just Whiskey

To me Whiskey is a Journey from the mouth.

When i lift up a glass of Te Bheag whiskey.

I tase the culture of where it is from.

I think of the fresh water springs and the sun sets.

And a place of peace.

This helps me experience pure bliss!
I close my eyes and i journey where ever my mind takes me.
This in turn creates my secret Comfort zone.
Whiskey also helps me focus on the moment.
Its a time to focus on the real world.
To me.
Its my way of pausing and reflecting on good memories before the new ones arise.
I will travel to the location of Skye in the near future.
The place where this fresh whiskey is made.
And i shall review the whole location.
I will also speak to people and pubs and learn about their social lives.
Until then i get my foot fixed!
I will have to reflect on memories already gone.
Please visit the Home site of this fine whiskey Culture
also buy it from Here.
Im not promoting the whiskey in anyway.
Im just sharing the information so you too can try this great whiskey.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Welcome Mouth wonders

Here this blogger will contain tastes from Drinks to foods that have something special about them.

Also whiskey is my fav spirit drink and i do like to explore the tastes far and beyond.
I like to try wines and Absinthes.
And share the tastes and ways on here with you all.
I may even do the silver rods and electrcity with absinthe!

all these and more are to follow this blogger